About Craig

My background has always been in IT, ever since my first job as a computer salesman in 1996 while still in school.

More recently I have been fortunate to spend several years working on preventative maintenance solutions in the automotive industry. I am pleased to be able to translate these skills into taking care of computer equipment.

I am British by birth, and have been living in the USA since 2007. Since arriving here in Pueblo, Colorado, I have worked as a Network Administrator for Airinet Inc. and IT support for Colorado State University - Pueblo. I started Tesla Computer Solutions in 2008, primarily to serve the local community.

My current role is with Spiceworks, Inc. as a Software Support Engineer.

I know that for many people, a chunk of their life is on the computer. Photos, documents, tax information and much more. All of your information is treated as strictly confidential. I will also help you ensure there is a backup in place, should anything ever happen to your computer.